inn the yard: 

Inn på Tunet/ In the yard is organized and quality assured welfare services on farms. Stall Fagerbakken is a approved farm that offers activities that provide meaningful work, coping, development and well-being.

There are many different research reports and experiences that show positive effects of this type of measure: To use animals in therapy, to work on horticulture and to master specific tasks in the farm. All this contributes to improving the everyday life of those who receive offers from the Inn på Tunet farms.

Stall Fagerbakken is run by Camilla Eilertsen
Nurse with broad experience from the health service, including environmental therapy
Expertise in animal-based interventions and horse-assisted interventions / NMBU, Horse and Health

Stall Fagerbakken offers organized welfare services that provide mastering, well-being and positive development for the individual. Everyone who come to Stall Fagerbakken will experience mastery, development and well-being regardless of their starting point.

The activity is linked to the farm, our life here and the task related to the stables and the farm.
We follow the year wheel and the season - there are many tasks related to the different seasons. 

horseback ridning

Treat yourself to a wonderful experience and discover beautiful Lofoten from horseback riding.

Magical midnight sun in the summer or a colorful north light in the winter will give you an experience you never will forget and a close contact to the nature from the sight of the horse in Lofoten's paradise.

Horseback riding is a good exercise for the balance, the attitude and the strength of the body. It is especially the core muscles you exercise. Due to the movements of the horse, the muscles of the spine must always be activated, as are the inner, outer and oblique abdominal muscles.


1 hour ride:  500 NOK pr person
 hours ride:  1000 NOK pr person 


telefon: 0047 92 86 18 33

payment: Vipps nr. #522309/ bank accont: 4750 68 58166

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